Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaners for Your End of Lease Cleaning

Posted on: 19 December 2014

End of lease cleaning is something that you may feel the need to rush through. You may feel that you won't get your deposit back on the lease property or that you just aren't going to clean the area to the owners liking. Instead of worrying or rushing through the process, consider the reasons you should hire professional cleaners to take care of the job.

Appliance Cleaning

When you lease a flat or house, appliances become part of the end of lease cleaning. This can take several hours or even a day if you have to defrost the appliance before cleaning it. Cooktops can also take time if you have several burnt on stains or if you need to clean the oven as well. Professional cleaners are skilled at handling these hard to clean tasks and can ensure that each appliance looks as good, if not better, as the day you began the lease.

Odor Removal

You can have the property cleaned from top to bottom and looking its best, but if there is an odor, the appearance won't matter. Odor tends to make people feel like an area is dirty even when it may not be. You can try odor absorbers, but a professional cleaning crew and make sure that your end of lease cleaning includes odor removal that works to kill the odor instead of just masking it. By using professional strength cleaning agents and disinfectants, they can remove odor from ever room and even from air vents.

Unseen Areas

When you go through the end of lease cleaning, you are likely working off a checklist the owner gave you. You'll notice that this list covers unseen areas, like behind ranges and refrigerators. This can be a daunting task, especially if you are not physically able to move the items. A professional cleaning service tends to work in teams, which makes moving the items to reach the unseen areas behind them a bit easier. Just point them in the right direction and they can handle the moving, cleaning, and replacing required to meet the checklist guidelines.

If you have received your end of lease cleaning checklist, look over it carefully. If you notice areas that are listed here, or other areas that seem nearly impossible for you to manage on your own, then call a professional cleaning company. Let them review the checklist and give you a price estimate. When you have settled on a price, schedule a date and let them handle the dirty work.


Cleaning a water fountain

Our office building has a beautiful water fountain at the front of our lobby. Most people throw coins in there to make a wish, but some people can't resist the urge to throw other things like bottle caps in there. When rubbish gets thrown in there it can clog up the mechanism, and it's also just an eyesore if it's dirty in an area that is the first thing that most people see when they come into the building. We have a cleaning service that comes in to clean the water fountain and keep it looking spectacular all of the time.