Tips to Selecting Green Commercial Cleaning Products for Your Employees

Posted on: 7 January 2015

A clean business environment does not only give a lasting positive first impression, but it also promotes productivity. However, taking up this responsibility does not simply entail delegating the work to cleaners. You need to also ensure that the commercial cleaning products being used are healthy to both the people in the building, as well as the environment overall. This is why a large number of companies are leaning toward green commercial cleaning products. Not only do these products reduce your carbon footprint, but they also pose a healthy alternative to the employees. Here are some tips that could come in handy when shopping for these products.

  1. Ensure the products you are contemplating have a green seal certification. This seal confirms that the product in question adheres to the standards that have been set and is approved as an appropriate product to be used for green cleaning.
  2. Determine that the products are toxin free. Not only should the product state that it is non-toxic for humans, but it should also be non-toxic to both animals, and marine life to be fully Eco-friendly.
  3. Check whether the product is biodegradable. Generally, the harder it is for a product to be disintegrated, the more harmful to the environment it is. Biodegradable products will almost always have a seal that indicates this.
  4. Select concentrated products. Concentrated products use a lot less energy to manufacture. Thus eliminating the extra fuel needed for packaging, transportation and more making them an eco-friendly alternative. Ready to use products, on the other hand, require a lot more energy to produce them, and this releases more pollutants into pour environment. By opting for concentrated solutions, you are taking a step toward reducing your carbon footprint.
  5. Opt for products that can be used with cold water. Commercial cleaning products that need to be used in tandem with hot water translate to more energy being used during the cleaning process. Ready to use products or those that should be mixed with cold water would be a better alternative.
  6. Eliminate commercial cleaning products containing bleach. Although bleach is a handy cleaning product, the residue it leaves behind can be highly reactive when it comes into contact with other chemicals. To be on the safe side, promote a healthy environment by eliminating bleach from the cleaning process entirely.
  7. Watch out for petroleum. Eco-friendly commercial cleaning products are not manufactured with the use of petroleum. This is because petroleum is a non-renewable energy source, and as such does not promote our environment's health.

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