Rain and Rubbish: Tips for Using a Rubbish Chute in the Rain

Posted on: 20 April 2016

What if it's raining, but you cannot afford to delay your project. You've hired a rubbish chute, and you need to use it now. Luckily, with a bit of caution, you can use your rubbish chute in the rain. Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Respect the hire company's rules.

Companies that hire rubbish chutes often have rules about the conditions in which you can use these tools. In most cases, a bit of rain is fine, but if there are intense winds or other stormy conditions, you may need to delay your project. Check with the hire company first to make sure you are compliant with its rules. Otherwise, you may be liable for damage to the chute.

2. Dry areas before securing supports.

Rubbish chutes have a number of supports. These are typically designed like clamps, and they connect the chute to the window that you are tossing rubbish out of. They may also connect the chute to other parts of the building as well as to the skip on the ground.

Before attaching the chute's supports, dry the areas where you are attaching them thoroughly. This helps to prevent puddles or loose attachments due to slippery conditions

3. Erect temporary awnings.

If possible, to keep rain out of the way, hang an awning over the window you are using. If you have the chute leading up to a balcony, set up a temporary awning on the balcony to protect yourself and the other people who are using the chute from the rain.

Also, consider erecting another awning on the ground. You can use that to protect the people at the bottom of the rubbish chute next to the bin.

4. Cover the skip.

In addition to protecting yourself and other workers from the rain, you also want to stop rain from getting into the skip. If rain gets into the skip, it can fill it up and make it hard to add rubbish. It can also make the skip heavy and waterlog the items you are throwing out.

To prevent this, use a tarp to cover the top of the skip. Arrange the tarp so that there is a small opening underneath the chute to allow the rubbish into the bin.

5. Make sure the skip has a drain.

In addition to covering the skip, make sure that the skip has a drain. This should be a small hole in the base of the skip. In some cases, it has a plug -- be sure to remove the plug.

To learn more tips on using a rubbish chute in the rain, contact a chute hire company like Qwik Chutes



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