How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Cleaners

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Keeping your home tidy can become a hassle, particularly if you have many demands on your time. House cleaning services can take most of the hard housekeeping work off your plate, allowing you to focus on simple maintenance tasks like washing up after meals. In order to have a good working relationship with your cleaner and get maximum value for your money, there are things you should do to prepare the house for cleaning. These are described below:

1. Communicate your expectations

Saying exactly what you want is important because every home is different. If you have specific preferences or want the house cleaned a certain way, ensure the cleaner knows this. If you're around, you can give verbal instructions. Otherwise, leave a note detailing what you want done. For regular services, you can sit with your cleaner and draw up a cleaning plan to cover both regular and periodic cleaning duties. Communicate special cleaning needs in advance so the cleaner can plan for them. Leave your number for them to reach you with any questions. Be prepared to pay extra if these fall outside your agreed tasks/time.

2. Plan for their access

If you'll be away from home, ensure that you have left instructions for their access depending on where you live. Talk to the door security if needed, and leave a key somewhere or provide passcodes/alarm pins needed to get into your house. It is inconsiderate to leave and have your cleaner inconvenienced for some time because you didn't make arrangements for their coming.

3. Buy cleaning equipment and supplies

You're responsible for ensuring that your cleaner has all the equipment and materials he/she needs to work effectively. Otherwise, they will work slower and give you less value for your money. If you don't know what they need, sit with them at the initial visit and ask for products and equipment they need based on the work that will be done. From there, shop for brands that are most comfortable for you. Some cleaning services provide their own equipment and products, so be sure to discuss this before hiring, particularly if you have special needs like allergic family members.

Product needs might vary depending on the sort of cleaning that needs to be done. For example, if it's time for end of lease cleaning, more specialty supplies should be bought.

4. Clear up clutter

If you're being charged by the hour, you don't want the cleaner to spend most of that time trying to organise your things, considering they may not know what should go where. Instead, ensure the house is orderly so that your time is spent on actual cleaning tasks. Keep away bills and papers in drawers, store away toys, ask children to clean rooms, collect laundry into one place and put dishes in the sink or away.


Cleaning a water fountain

Our office building has a beautiful water fountain at the front of our lobby. Most people throw coins in there to make a wish, but some people can't resist the urge to throw other things like bottle caps in there. When rubbish gets thrown in there it can clog up the mechanism, and it's also just an eyesore if it's dirty in an area that is the first thing that most people see when they come into the building. We have a cleaning service that comes in to clean the water fountain and keep it looking spectacular all of the time.