What Should I Know Before Buying an Asbestos Removal Kit?

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you know you have asbestos issues in your home, such as exterior tile siding or other asbestos products, then you may be considering a DIY removal. There are several kits on the market that can help with DIY asbestos removal, but many people do not know much about them. Before you buy an asbestos removal kit, here are a few things to consider that may change the course of your DIY choice.

Project Size

The first thing you need to consider about using asbestos removal kits is the size and scope of your removal project. Most project kits are made for smaller removal projects like bathroom insulation or small areas of floor tile. They are generally not made for full house projects like all asbestos siding. Ideally, larger projects should be handled by a cleaning service or removalist that is skilled in safe asbestos removal and disposal, and in some locales it's actually illegally to remove asbestos if it covers a certain amount of area. If the project is small, however, you may still be able to handle it safely on your own. Make sure to check what the laws and regulations are in your area.

Disposal Method

You may have the ideal kit for your needs, but what you may be overlooking is a disposal method. Though most of the kits do have disposal bags that are sealed, you cannot just dump them in your weekly rubbish bin. In fact, you will likely find that you have to have a set location and pay a fee for the dumping of the asbestos you have removed and sealed in bags. Before buying a kit, check for disposal methods or options. If none are listed, contact professional removers or cleaners.

Extra Tools

Another consideration of using a DIY asbestos removal kit over a professional service are the tools that may not be included in your kit. For example, you may find that no protective gear is included. This can include eye protection as well as skin and clothing protection. You may also find that proper disposal bags are not included. Make sure that what you need is included and if it is not that you know where to obtain it.

These are only three of the considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing to move forward with a DIY asbestos removal and kit purchase. Before making a final choice, make sure to check any laws in your area that may influence your choice or cost you in fines if you break the laws regarding the disposal of the asbestos.


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