Working With Your Rubbish Bin Provider for Safe and Easy Trash Removal

Posted on: 3 October 2016

When you rent a rubbish bin for your business, an apartment complex you manage, or any other location, you want to ensure you know what's involved in the rental and how you can make trash management easier for you and the rental agency. A bin that is overflowing or that is difficult for employees or residents to access won't help to keep your property safe and attractive, so note a few questions to ask when you're ready to select a rubbish bin provider.

Always ask how to keep the bin secure

Not all bins will be on wheels, but for those with casters, ensure you know how to keep the bin secure and can easily work the brakes that lock the bin in place. Even if the bin doesn't have wheels, if it's placed on any type of hill or slope, it's easy for it to start sliding if it's overloaded or one side is more heavily loaded than the other. You don't want to assume you just put bricks and blocks of wood in front of the bin, as this might get in the way of the truck that empties it. Talk to your bin provider about keeping the bin in place if there is any risk of it moving or sliding so you avoid accidents, while always keeping the bin properly accessible.

Ask if you should have a separate bin for certain dangerous items

If you're getting a bin for a production company and you tend to throw away scrap metal, metal shavings, or glass of any sort, this might cause a hazard for workers who are trying to lift those materials over the top of a standard bin. These materials might also damage the inside of a compacting bin. Ask your bin provider if they have a bin with a side loader for easier dumping of these items, or if there is a special type of bin that is better suited for anything sharp, overly heavy, or otherwise hazardous.

Ask if there is any way to make rubbish collection more environmentally responsible

Separating recyclable items from standard rubbish can make it easier for a bin company to ensure those items are sent to a recycling facility, and you might also note if they could provide a separate bin for oversized items or those that shouldn't be put in landfills. This might include rubber tyres, mattresses, and other items that cause pollution when they degrade. Your bin company may have many suggestions for making any trash collection more environmentally responsible, so don't hesitate to ask them for suggestions.


Cleaning a water fountain

Our office building has a beautiful water fountain at the front of our lobby. Most people throw coins in there to make a wish, but some people can't resist the urge to throw other things like bottle caps in there. When rubbish gets thrown in there it can clog up the mechanism, and it's also just an eyesore if it's dirty in an area that is the first thing that most people see when they come into the building. We have a cleaning service that comes in to clean the water fountain and keep it looking spectacular all of the time.