Grout and Tile? Four Tips for New Owners of Bed and Breakfast Facilities

Posted on: 5 October 2016

If you have just bought a home to turn into a bed and breakfast, you are going to have to deal with lots of little details during the process. Tile and grout work are definitely something to consider, as the kitchen and bathrooms in your bed and breakfast are both places your customers will spend time. Wondering what you need to know about choosing, maintaining or cleaning tile and grout work? Here are some points to consider:

1. Grout takes care of multiple functions

The grout between the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom doesn't just fill the empty spaces between your tiles. Namely, the grout holds the tiles together in a way that increases the integrity of the floor, wall or countertop to which the tiles are attached, and the grout holds the tiles in place, preventing them from falling and getting chipped or broken.

Because of that, as long as the tiles aren't damaged, you typically don't need to replace them; you only need to clean or replace the grout work as needed.

2. Choose an epoxy-based grout

There are two main types of grout: cement or epoxy-based. If possible, choose epoxy grout. It is more expensive than the cement-based option, and it is harder to work with because it sets quickly; however, it is better for a high-traffic environment.

Epoxy grout resists the effects of stains and chemicals. As a result, once it is installed, you can count on your tile work looking cleaner to your guests for the long term.

3. Choose the colour of your grout carefully

When choosing new grout for your tiles, there are a number of possibilities to consider. So that your tile looks good to your guests, look for neutral colours or colours that complement or contrast your current tiles. For example, neutral colours include white, light grey or tan, and they can be paired with almost any colour of tile. Alternatively, if you have green tiles, a colour like light green complements while red contrasts.

4. Schedule regular professional tile and grout cleaning

Once your tiles are installed, you need to take efforts to ensure they stay looking clean. That is one of the things guests are likely to take into consideration when rating their stay. Schedule professional tile and grout cleaning -- these experts have tools and chemicals that are able to get grout and tile cleaner than you can get them on your own.


Cleaning a water fountain

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