Understanding the 2 Main Categories of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 23 October 2018

As a homeowner, it is important to deep clean your carpets once in a while. An array of contaminants, ranging from dust mites to bacteria, do eventually accumulate deep in the carpet fibres. Leaving these contaminants for lengthy periods of time could lead to a range of respiratory problems in your household. However, not many homeowners fully understand the different carpet cleaning techniques that are available.

There are two main methods of commercial carpet cleaning. These are the dry carpet cleaning and the wet carpet cleaning methods. However, these carpet cleaning methods are not as straightforward as they sound. Read on to learn more about the techniques employed with these two carpet cleaning methods.

Wet Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Although wet carpet cleaning methods make use of water, it is important to note that the hot steam is what does the principal carpet cleaning. The techniques used with this method include the following:

Hot Water Extraction

This technique is also known as carpet steam cleaning. With this technique, carpet cleaners inject hot steam directly into the carpet fibres using specialised equipment. The equipment's brushes agitate the carpet fibres to dislodge the dirt. Once this is done, the steam and dirt are suctioned back into the equipment, leaving your carpet relatively dry.

Low Moisture Encapsulation

A compound is liberally applied onto the carpet to encapsulate its fibres. The compound is left to set so that it can turn grime, oil and other contaminants into crystalline form. Once this happens, water vapour is used to suction the crystalline layer, and this is concluded with surface vacuuming to eliminate any remnants of the chemical compound.

Dry Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Two main techniques are employed using this method:

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning  

Most people know that shampooing requires water. So, why is this considered a dry carpet cleaning technique? The reason for this is that there is virtually no moisture left after the cleaning process. Carpet cleaners will make use of intense foam and minimal moisture to eliminate dirt in the carpet. The shampoo is worked into the carpet fibres using a rotary machine. Once this is done, the carpet is left overnight to dry out. This is followed up by vacuuming of the foam, which will have absorbed all the dirt. Hence, very little moisture is involved.

Carrier Carpet Cleaning  

In this technique, the carpet cleaner will cover the carpet with an absorbent compound, also known as a carrier. This will absorb the dirt that has adhered onto the carpet fibres. The absorbent compound comprises of detergent as well as solvents. After some time has passed, this compound is vacuumed out of the carpet, and the carpet is ready for use.


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