Crucial Questions to Ask a Mould Remediation Company

Posted on: 14 June 2021

Few things are nastier than mould in a home since it looks terrible on the walls and floors. Besides, mould is a health hazard, particularly for people with breathing problems. Therefore, when you discover mould in your home, you must hire mould remediation services immediately. The providers are licensed and trained to handle mould and dispose of it safely. However, you must ask mould remediation services critical questions before hiring them. 

Do They Conduct Post-Remediation Verification? -- Mould spores are microscopic and float in the air when disturbed. Therefore, remediation services must work on each room in isolation to contain mould spores. Once done, a service provider unseals a room and disposes of the enclosing material before moving to the next space. However, you must understand that mould remediation professionals cannot completely rule out the presence of mould in your home even after removal. Stray mould spores can settle on any surface, such as the ceiling, and wait for the right conditions to grow. That is why a professional mould remediation company must conduct post-remediation air testing. It involves coming back to your home and testing the air in every room for mould. Negative results indicate that the mould remediation was successful.

Do They Clean AC Systems? -- An air conditioning system is essential when discussing mould remediation. As mentioned earlier, mould spores are light enough to float in the air, meaning that they can settle in the deepest parts of your AC vents. Therefore, even if mould remediation services do a thorough job, ignoring an air conditioning system defeats their efforts. This is because turning the AC system on will blow mould spores into your living space. Therefore, the best mould removal companies offer AC system cleaning as an extra service during mould remediation. Once the remediation process is complete, you can turn on your AC system safely.

Do You Need to Make Alternative Living Arrangements? -- The work involved in mould remediation depends on the amount of mould present in your home. When mould remediation services inspect your house and find extensive mould, they might advise you to make alternative living arrangements. This gives the service provider enough space and freedom to work in each room. However, if mould is present in just one of the rooms, you might not have to leave your home. Getting the information early from a service provider is essential for preparing better.


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