3 Factors to Consider When Scheduling Your University Window Cleaning Services

Posted on: 6 October 2016

Like all commercial spaces, keeping your university clean is a major undertaking, and you'll probably prefer to contract the services to one or more cleaning services to allow you to focus on your main line of business. Having your windows cleaned can help to maintain a pleasing internal and external environment for students, faculty and other employees in the university for higher productivity and fewer disease outbreaks. The following are the most important factors to consider when scheduling window cleaning services for the best overall effect.
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Grout and Tile? Four Tips for New Owners of Bed and Breakfast Facilities

Posted on: 5 October 2016

If you have just bought a home to turn into a bed and breakfast, you are going to have to deal with lots of little details during the process. Tile and grout work are definitely something to consider, as the kitchen and bathrooms in your bed and breakfast are both places your customers will spend time. Wondering what you need to know about choosing, maintaining or cleaning tile and grout work?
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Working With Your Rubbish Bin Provider for Safe and Easy Trash Removal

Posted on: 3 October 2016

When you rent a rubbish bin for your business, an apartment complex you manage, or any other location, you want to ensure you know what's involved in the rental and how you can make trash management easier for you and the rental agency. A bin that is overflowing or that is difficult for employees or residents to access won't help to keep your property safe and attractive, so note a few questions to ask when you're ready to select a rubbish bin provider.
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What Should I Know Before Buying an Asbestos Removal Kit?

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you know you have asbestos issues in your home, such as exterior tile siding or other asbestos products, then you may be considering a DIY removal. There are several kits on the market that can help with DIY asbestos removal, but many people do not know much about them. Before you buy an asbestos removal kit, here are a few things to consider that may change the course of your DIY choice.
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