How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Cleaners

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Keeping your home tidy can become a hassle, particularly if you have many demands on your time. House cleaning services can take most of the hard housekeeping work off your plate, allowing you to focus on simple maintenance tasks like washing up after meals. In order to have a good working relationship with your cleaner and get maximum value for your money, there are things you should do to prepare the house for cleaning.
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Simple Hacks for a Cleaner Office

Posted on: 16 September 2016

Keeping the office clean can have a huge impact on productivity in the workplace. According to Small Business it can help to reduce the number of sick days your staff take, reduce stress and boost motivation; all of which can greatly increase your output. Depending on the size of your company you may have regular office cleaning either using your own employees or an external company. However, there are a few simple hacks that you can employ to limit the build-up of waste and germs between these cleaning periods and encourage employees to take ownership over maintaining the cleanliness of their own workspace.
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Rain and Rubbish: Tips for Using a Rubbish Chute in the Rain

Posted on: 20 April 2016

What if it's raining, but you cannot afford to delay your project. You've hired a rubbish chute, and you need to use it now. Luckily, with a bit of caution, you can use your rubbish chute in the rain. Here are some tips to guide you: 1. Respect the hire company's rules. Companies that hire rubbish chutes often have rules about the conditions in which you can use these tools.
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Tips for Pressure Cleaning Your Exterior Walls

Posted on: 8 April 2016

The outside of your house is exposed to the elements day in day out, and over time, it is bound to get dirty. If you find that your exterior walls could do with a bit of a spring clean to revitalise the paint colour, to remove staining, and to remove a build-up of mould and mildew, one of the most useful pieces of kit for the job is a high pressure washer.
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